David Shirk

Whenever it comes to an election year, I am yet again reminded on how people never grew up. Below is a list of things I have noted to come to this conclusion.

Q. What do you think of Ron Paul?

A. I hate him.

Q. Why?

A. Because I just don’t like him – he is not someone I would hang with, so I am not voting for him.

This is 1 of the reasons I hate the modern ‘conservative’ movement. Believe it or not, it gets better.

Q. Why do you support the war in Afghanistan and Iraq?

A. Because without them, the terrorists would get us because their jealous of our freedom, and hate how we live.

Q. So their hate for us has nothing to do with our turning the Middle East into a quagmire since the early 50′s?

A.  Oh that’s just nonsense and never really happened. You must be a sympathizer. They just hate us, and its best that we get them first.

At which point I send them links to many historical sites, the UN’s website to validate the political action and the history sites, congressional minutes etc. I tell them to read it and get back to me.

A.  I don’t have time for that, I am too busy working and spending time with my family. You shouldn’t believe everything that Ron Paul says.

Enough about foreign policy for now though, let’s look at the economic sides.

Q.  Why do you support the cut cap and balance bill?

A. Because it cuts the national debt and prevents it from going up.

Q. But it only cuts down the rate in spending increases, it actually caps nowhere, and balances nothing.

A. Stop watching FOX.

Q. Okay, let’s just say that the bill did indeed do what you think it does. Why does the debt need to be reduced?

A. Because we can’t afford to pay it.

Q. Agree on that – so why in over 70 years of voting has the debt never actually gone down without merely putting it down the road?

A. You need to learn your history – there was Roosevelt, Reagan…..

After getting tired of being reminded that such people are allowed to vote on things they obviously know nothing about in the name of democracy, I turned to some liberals to get their take.

Q. What do you think about our countries spending problem?

A. It’s not a spending problem, it’s a revenue problem.

Q. So how are we going to get an increase in revenue? I cannot afford to pay any more in taxes.

A. Well you can tax the millionaires and big corporations for starters.

Q. But if my company had to pay more taxes, how could it grow, and continue to pay me what I make now? Also if millionaires were taxed more, wouldn’t that keep them from investing more in new ventures etc?

A. No – Your company is one of many sitting on over two trillion dollars at any given time – they can afford it. Also – the millionaires are not spending their money, they are hoarding it and giving huge bonuses to their friends. They too can afford it.

Q. The combined corporate taxes and the cost of regulations, cost companies well over 6 trillion a year. Also, all of that ‘free capitol’ as you put it is really not free money, but rather savings to go to future expansion etc that they rightfully earned, and if something goes wrong, it can go away fast – remember that the 2 trillion you claim they are just sitting on, is spread out over thousands of companies with millions of employees, so it’s not nearly as much as you make it sound. Also, I have not meant a millionaire who holds all of his assets liquid, but rather holds them invested in other ventures. To make the deficit even close to balanced, you would need to severely raise taxes on the millionaires, and the cooperation’s – the economy would crash in a matter of months if you were to tax them enough to make up the difference.

A. Good – then the money will go back into the people’s hands where it belongs.

Q. And all of these people will suddenly make a business to hire more people? People who cannot even run their own finances?

A. Shut up and go back to watching FOX you troll. If you watched the real news, you would see how full of it you are.

Q. I don’t watch FOX, and my sources are straight from the CBO, BLAS, Dept of Treasury, and a myriad of other sites – mostly government. What are yours?

A. I don’t need to explain myself to you, but if you must know, it’s CNN. This is a stupid debate, I am leaving.

And the last one I have is for the conservative:

Q. Are you familiar with the quote ‘Those who sacrifice a little freedom for a little safety shall have and deserve neither’?

A. One of my favorite phrases.

Q. You are against Obamacare right?

A. Of course!

Q Why?

A. Because the government should not be able to force us to buy anything.

Q. Do you support the basic laws that govern automobiles?

A. Yes.

Q. These laws force you to buy a license, a registration, an inspection sticker (in many cases once a year), and in many states, car insurance. What makes it okay for cars?

A. Because it’s for our own safety you moron.

Now I could go on and on, but I am getting sick to death of these kinds of people electing a leader for me, because they ‘know better than I do’. It should be noted that the liberals and the democrats have the same methods and reasoning – they just enforce them under a different ideological title.

What it comes down to is no one wants to take responsibility. By voting, they are not held personally responsible if a road does not get fixed. By voting, they can blame everything on the republicans/democrats when the fact is that they were the ones who elected them – even if they voted for the other guy. By voting, you get to live rarely well compared to the rest of the world (though that is changing at an exponential rate), and all you have to do is to pay your leaders to take care of you. By voting, you don’t need to have any answers, your elected official can think for you thus freeing up your mind to listen to even more rhetoric.

So many people call us the ‘Unites States’ of America. The only thing uniting us is a mountain of laws that forces us to obey one ridiculous edict after another. So restrictive have these laws gotten, that it is impossible to even function anymore in a relatively normal life, unless you work your butt off. Even if you do work hard, starting out in fast food at the bottom of the chain, and work your way up, you still have the displeasure of seeing money taken from you to pay for the livelihood of those who see such work ethic as beneath them.

We are not united at all, and anyone who cannot grasp that, is blind to the current happenings. Just because you don’t believe that the oncoming trains not going to run you over, does not mean that it won’t. So really I don’t care what you believe – if your voting to support the state believing it can do any good, your just another person standing on the railroad track telling the train to go faster believing it will magically stop before it smashes you to pieces.

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