Adam Kokesh joins Mike Shanklin of Triple-V (Voluntary Virtues Vodcast), to discuss:
1:17 How did Adam get to voluntaryism?
5:47 Where do rights come from?
8:22 Why do so many democrats ignore the fact that Obama is like Bush?
11:55 PTSD, the military, and the troops
17:05 Hyperinflation, Alternative Currencies (Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, Precious Metals)
25:44 What did you learn when you ran for office?
28:14 Rand Paul and the future of the GOP
33:17 Privatizing the Police Force
36:01 The word anarchy, do you use it?
37:56 Some people view you as militant, chance to respond
40:49 Plugs, Websites, and Closing Statement

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