innocent down pic of victimes

Clyde Freeman joins Mike Shanklin on TRIPLE-V to discuss:
2:40 Why did you create this project?
5:15 Innocent Down Project VIDEO
11:06 How did the town board respond?!?
13:37 What are the future plans for Project INNOCENT DOWN?
16:14 What are some solutions?
18:33 Police & The Inability of Expectation of Privacy
20:00 Video of Clyde & Ademo being harassed by police
21:40 Why/How do most of the deaths occur?
26:22 How can you help? What are the best resources for finding this information?
28:11 Are police caused deaths increasing or decreasing?
30:02 What happens when families take complaints to the justice system?
31:07 Clyde Pays His Taxes In PENNIES! HA
37:48 Never Take A Plea
41:13 Jury Nullification
42:29 Thinking about going on tour? & Documentary
46:25 Plugs and websites to visit
48:00 Where to donate?
49:36 Clyde’s Closing statement

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